Brexit: Britain’s Great Escape

Contemporary liberals are depressed, and they claim they have many reasons to be. I mean who wouldn’t be dismayed with Nigel Farage’s success last June? Who wouldn’t be devastated at a sexist, racist (insert other ‘ists’) demagogue beating Madam President?  Well for the people who historically have hope & aspirations for a brighter future, liberals are on the other foot. Blair, Obama & Cameron (the PC brigade) all triumphed their castles in the sky, whilst leaving behind those who didn’t fit, but would of course still vote for them.

For the last generation globalisation has trumped progress, for globalisation is progress you fool! But for the 17.4 million Brexit voters, the 60 million Trump supporters and those across Europe described as ‘populist’ by the BBC, globalisation is a curse, a boat travelling so fast people are jumping overboard, and even worse being pushed off. Brexit & Trump are lifeboats. They pick up those left behind, bring them back to the ship and give them a seat. Take Brexit: Between 1997 and 2010, more than half of the rise in employment in the UK was accounted for by foreign nationals*, this drove up GDP figures: more people means more money. Yet it also means lower wages, fewer school places, longer waiting times at hospitals and higher house prices. Still, the PC brigade have huge wages, with their kids going to secure private schools, and insured health plans, with booming house prices; everything’s great right? Invisible to the powerful, sitting in enclosed kitchens, ordering drinks from the local, people are rebelling, they are discussing why they are no richer than 10 years ago, why those in wealthy cities have higher wages but work just as hard as they do. How is that fair?

Remember, liberalism is all about equality: everything is fair, but only for those deemed to be worthy. So called ‘positive’ discrimination means those born (with no choice) into the ethnic majority are at a disadvantage, for example Universities are lowering acceptance grades for those from ‘poorer’ backgrounds in favour of those with better grades who are deemed too privileged. That idea is uncompetitive, unfair and plain wrong. Quickly becoming a cliché with no meaning, the ‘forgotten man’ was never forgotten, he was bitterly ignored, despised & taken for granted.

A microcosm for this is the UK Labour party: founded by the London dock workers with principled, genuine aims to help the worker and improve living standards, for the last century Labour has championed those without power or privilege to great success; the NHS & welfare state are two great British institutions. Now Labour champions those in North London, formed of an elite clique who patronise the less well off, and tell them they are “racist and bigoted” to want more control over their lives. Jeremy Corbyn is happy with the status quo on immigration, a man whose whole career has been built on opposing the status quo on everything. John McDonnell describes himself as a Marxist. Just think about that, the shadow Chancellor is a self-described communist (although he now says that was a joke… not a future stand up comedian in my opinion). So far are the modern Labour party from their original aims that their main issues include: dismantling Britain’s nuclear defence, borrowing half a trillion pounds and opposing Israel. Young naïve Corbyn supporters are in denial, blaming Brexit, Rupert Murdoch and any other scapegoat for terrible polling, MPs resigning and historically low by-election results. Personally I blame McDonnell’s poor stand up routine…

Brexit is a unique, genuine opportunity for the British economy to become world leading, more competitive and better suited to those willfully ignored by the establishment. As Trump veers towards bilateral trade agreements, with a protectionist tone, Britain can secure trade deals with huge economies such as China, America and India – this will help our exporters by reducing tariffs & reducing import costs, meaning goods assembled in Britain will also be more competitive in international markets. Plus the dramatic drop in the overvalued pound helps make our exports cheaper, making our balance of payments deficit smaller, meaning less debt and more jobs in manufacturing. Old mining towns in Wales and the north of England who overwhelmingly voted for Brexit, despite what the Guardian would have you believe, will benefit most from these policies as a result of Brexit. All so called ‘EU’ funding has been guaranteed (which is in fact British money the EU dictates how to spend) and the economy has boomed post-Brexit vote; GDP up, employment at record levels, investment up and FTSE boosted. EU regulation stifles small business, cutting harmful red tape will boost small business allowing for more job creation and inward investment. Change Britain estimates a weekly boost of £450m by cutting regulation and EU budget contributions alone. This is Britain taking back control.

All whilst Trump is securing American investment in the Rust Belt from car manufacturers and others, and standing up to China. Our world is changing and liberals don’t like it. They had their chance. Now its time for the invisible people to shine.



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